Blog Dogs

These are the hounds that hang out with us.


This is Luna. She’s our Primary Dog. Responsibilities include eating, sleeping, and barking at the UPS guy. She was a rescue dog who’d been at the Humane Society ten months. We adopted her when she was just over a year old. Luna weighs in at 98 pounds.A three-year-old looked at her and then told her dad that Luna was “a Protect Dog.” Yep.


Buster is our Emergency Backup Dog. Another rescue. About a year ago he started gaining weight and losing hair. He’s now on thyroid medicine and back in shape. As the Emergency Backup Dog, he’s ready at a moment’s notice to assume Primary Dog responsibilities and shadows Luna. When not barking at the occasional deer, he can be found leaning heavily against the legs of the nearest human. 75 pounds. Loves socks.

Both dogs appreciate social distancing as a means for increasing their time with us.

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