A Quiet Read

Just plowed through this book. Outstanding.

I’m a guy who can walk into a cocktail party where the world’s 100 most fascinating people are gathered. Let’s say I know two of them when I arrive – you know who you are. Two hours later (if I last that long) I leave. When I leave, I know exactly two of the people at the party. The same two I knew before the party. And I’m exhausted. The party may go on for another four hours, but I’m done.

That’s me in introvert mode.

Now let’s say that I’ve spoken at the event. What I said resonated with some (hopefully many) of the attendees. Several of them come up and talk to me at the cocktail party. Now I leave knowing eight people, and I know them pretty well, because I’ve talked with them for an hour or more. I’ll stay in contact, ask for opinions, solicit guidance, offer help when they hit a rough patch.

I’m the same guy at both parties. The thing that breaks me out of introvert mode is a topic I’m passionate about.

Susan Cain’s book is excellent. It went a long way to helping me understand some of the things I’ve wondered about for a long time. Check it out at the link below.

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