First Look – WB

Very minor spoilers.

Will Kwan is a second-generation gamer. His first toys were discarded Xbox and PS controllers that he chewed on as his teeth came in. Spark opened when he was six, but the family waited until he was tall enough to participate in all of the quests. By age seven, he had physically leveled up enough and they headed to Spark. 

Both Will and his father were avid baseball fans (Go ‘Stros!). They watched The Natural just before their trip to Spark and Will made his avatar tag “WonderBoy,” and styled his armor after Roy Hobbs’ uniform in that movie.

Shortly after returning home from Spark, the Second Korean War erupted. Will’s father was killed in that conflict. Several years later, his mother also dies and Will becomes a ward of the state. 

From great beginnings to struggling in group homes and foster care, Will’s life can’t get much worse. He decides to chuck it all and run away to the last place he remembers being happy: Spark.

Now he’s almost fifteen and the WonderBoy name embarrasses him. It’s tied to so many memories that he can’t change it, so he abbreviates it as “WB.” Eventually he meets Feral Daughter. Their relationship has a rocky start, but they learn that it’s possible to butt heads and hold hands.

Same artist as the Feral Daughter image, Piere d’Arterie (@piere_d_arterie on Insta)

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