Entering a New Phase

Yesterday afternoon I gathered with fifty or so friends. We stood in an empty T-hangar at the  airport. Unfortunately, the hangar faced west, so we were mostly in direct sun and heat. Many wore masks. Everyone sweated.

Why bother doing something this uncomfortable?

CV-19 has changed a lot of things. This was one. Three months ago, we would have gotten together in a sports bar. It would have been a more pleasant environment, but still a somber occasion.

Our company laid off 92% of its US workforce last week. This was just one batch. We were getting together to say goodbye. It was my second farewell event in two days, third in a week.

99.7% of the people I actually liked at work are gone.

I’ve been through lay offs before. Nothing of this magnitude.

We all understood the decision. Not happy about it, don’t agree with it, but we get it. One of the most bizarre aspects is that I still have a job.

I’m thankful. And sad. Very, very sad.

I wish you all soft landings.

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