T minus 30 days and counting

Talked with the publisher – Fern Brady at Inklings Publishing (https://www.inklingspublishing.com) last week. The book is on track and should be published next month. Pretty excited about the whole thing.

We had a long discussion with the editor, Steph Mathieson (https://www.wordgrower.net/) about the title.

Solar Prime is a vast solar power facility situated in California’s Mojave Desert, just outside Barstow. The setting and title for the novel was inspired by Solar One and Solar Two (https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/solar-one-and-solar-two) – actual solar power facilities in the same general area. 

Solar Two

So far, so good. However, most of the action takes place in a near(ish) future theme park for gamers: Solar Prime Augmented Reality Park – Spark for short. Solar Prime plays a role in the story but is not the focal location. With that agreed to, we discussed better names for the novel and settled on Spark. Hence the edits to this page. 

Book two will be tentatively titled Fire and is already underway.

Now that we’re in countdown mode, I’ll be blogging much more often and may include some of the background/side stories that got cut from the final version of the book, including Will’s experience with the dog in Barstow.

Back to it!

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