Cupboard under the stairs

You should know this already. Prior to attending Hogwarts, when the Dursley’s punished Harry Potter, they made him sleep in the cupboard under the stairs.

Harry’s hangout

We’re moving. Long tale of woe involving program issues and long delays and innumerable other problems familiar to anyone who has worked on a failed/failing project. So be it. Hey, I published a book, so things are not all doom and gloom.

Moving involves allowing strangers into your house. They poke around, open closets, inspect toilets, sniff at the fact that the oven hasn’t been cleaned in the last 30 minutes, make comments about furniture that doesn’t come with the house, and complain about the garage. In short, they do exactly what you and I do when we’re considering buying a house. It’s an enormous investment. I get it.

For a variety of reasons, we’re trying to do this without a realtor. Unemployment is one of them, although I expect to hear from Steven Spielberg any minute about movie rights to my JUST PUBLISHED BOOK: Spark. (Feel free to buy it on Amazon, here: )

As I show people around the house, we eventually get here:

Our own cupboard under the stairs

It’s our own Cupboard under the stairs – except we call it a closet. 

When we get there, I usually say something like “…and this is where Harry Potter lives.”

I get two distinct reactions. The first is “Yes, the cupboard under the stairs…” and we’re off talking Potter trivia. Great. You can buy this house. 

The second is stone silence. I verbally tap dance around. “You know, from the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling. Best-selling author EVER.” Usually, these people are older and have, apparently, been living under a rock somewhere and have no children or grandchildren. These I forgive. It’s the others that worry me…

No House For You!

Did I mention that I just published a book? If you’re kind enough to buy it (see link above), please read it and leave a review. Doesn’t even have to be 5 stars. 4.9 is plenty good.

BTW, I finally got my own copy. Arrived today. I’m going to mail one to Arnav Gupta. He’s my new buddy. He loves books, liked this blog, and has his own where he reviews books. He’s also an animal lover. Check him (and his blog) out at:

What are you waiting for? Go buy this book!

One thought on “Cupboard under the stairs

  1. I’ve bought three copies, and at some point I’ll get them signed by the author. I plan to purchase another 10 and donate them to USO lounges and school libraries. 🙂
    However, I can’t review it yet since I’m not finished. But when I DO finish, I’ll write my review.

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