Two podcasts this week!

It’s always weird to see and hear yourself. First of all, there’s the whole “mirror image” thing. Everything seems backwards – hair parted on the wrong side, and so on. Then there’s the “who’s voice is that?” sensation. What I hear coming out of the speaker is not what I sound like to myself when I talk.

First one was with Sandy Lawrence (@sandylawrence) on her Sandy and Friends podcast. Check it out here:

Sandy and Friends

The next was Author Talk with Russell Little, Aimee Ravichandran, and Fern Brady

Here’s a YouTube link to Author Talk:

Thanks to Fern Brady (@fernbrady), Inklings Publishing, and Aimee Ravichandran (@aimeeravichandran) for setting all this up!

3 thoughts on “Two podcasts this week!

  1. Hey Pat! How are you? I received your book about a week back. I even mailed you about it. I am finding it pretty interesting, and hard to keep down!😀


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