Dramatis Personae Part Deux: ShaChri “Feral Daughter” Patel

Of all the characters in the book, Feral is the most fun to write. She’s American born of Indian parents. Parents who have become very Americanized, but still hold to some of their Hindu traditions and still speak with a bit of an accent. ShaChri’s mother, Puja, wanted very much for her daughter to grow … Continue reading Dramatis Personae Part Deux: ShaChri “Feral Daughter” Patel

English as a second language

I read an interesting blog last night by Beyza Çitak about struggling to learn English (blog link). I can relate. I don’t speak English. I speak American. The “English” speaking world tries to make everyone think that the language spoken by English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis, South Africans, Indians, Singaporans, Kenyans, Bermudans, and Americans … Continue reading English as a second language

Hey! I wrote a book.

Maybe highly experienced/published writers don't get quite the same thrill as I'm experiencing right now. Pre-orders for my book just went live on Amazon, Square, and via the publisher, Inklings Publishing. Here's the link to the Inklings market page: https://www.inklingspublishing.com/?fbclid=IwAR1Te_xsQ3V6yYlCWVeYrN3j3hUXJbPpjWcG_Mj9JYkC-JcJWWgGM19a2Ug First novel If you want a hard copy, and I know that you do, best … Continue reading Hey! I wrote a book.

Hey! I’m on a podcast.

A while back, Angie Drymala of Creatrix Chats interviewed me for her podcast. It was not what I expected. I was anticipating some of the standard author questions (and got a few of those) but our conversation ended up being fairly wide ranging over the hour we talked. Here's the link to the podcast: https://www.patreon.com/posts/50554875?fbclid=IwAR2RcttxPujvjvziKhOKcIZTOMsq-rBXfho0uKvpEyv9vpspfjFnc7L1UTwContinue reading Hey! I’m on a podcast.

T minus 30 days and counting

Talked with the publisher - Fern Brady at Inklings Publishing (https://www.inklingspublishing.com) last week. The book is on track and should be published next month. Pretty excited about the whole thing. We had a long discussion with the editor, Steph Mathieson (https://www.wordgrower.net/) about the title. Solar Prime is a vast solar power facility situated in California’s … Continue reading T minus 30 days and counting

Hot Lava and Quicksand

Saw something online about things that worried you as a kid but turned out to be worth very little anxiety as an adult. Hot lava https://media.mnn.com/assets/images/2017/01/hot-flowing-lava.jpg.1000x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg Safe for chairs, but not kids It was never simply “lava.” It specifically had to be hot lava. Never molten magma, liquified rock, vaporized stone, or the like. Similarly … Continue reading Hot Lava and Quicksand